Get the BLUE Tub!

Get the BLUE Tub!

# 8 Fescuelix Impact

This supplement is specifically formulated to improve condition of mature and growing cattle pasturing on fescue.


Available Formulas:



#8 Fescuelix Impact

Vitalix continues to focus on our customers’ needs and producing products that are going to improve the health and value of your herd. We are excited to launch our new Fescuelix Impact tub! This tub has been specifically formulated to help control the impact of issues that arise when cattle graze on fescue that is infected with the fungus endophyte.

Endophyte can create numerous problems for the animals that are grazing. The biggest issue of endophyte is it can cause the blood vessels to constrict. When the blood vessels become constricted it impacts that animals’ ability to be able to regulate their body temperature which results in heat stress for that animal. With those blood vessels constricting it can cut off blood flow to the extremities which results in frozen ear and fescue foot.

Here at Vitalix we are always evaluating the needs of the producer. With Vitalix NEW Fescuelix Impact tub you not only get the quality ingredients we are known for but we also added Zinpro Availa Zinc and all-natural vasodilators. By adding the Zinc and vasodilators this will help keep those blood vessels from constricting and help manage heat stress.

Impact your Fescue with Vitalix #8 Fescuelix Impact tub!

  • Characteristics:  This supplement is specifically formulated to improve the condition of mature and growing cattle that are grazing on fescue. #8 Fescuelix Impact contains Chelated Zinc, natural vasodilators, and our Microbial Activator.
  • Use: Improving condition of mature and growing cattle pasturing on fescue.
  • Feeding Recommendations:
    • Consumption: ½ to ¾ lb. per 1,000 lb. animal per day.
    • As a guide: One 250 lb. tub to every 20-30 head of cattle.
    • Intake may vary due to pasture conditions and availability of other feed sources.


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Photo Credit:  Travis Taylor, Taylor Farms Charolais

Additional information

Tub Size

250 lb., 200 lb., 125 lb.

Tub Material

Plastic, Biodegradable Fiber

Formulas Available

Regular Blend, With MOS, No SE, Pasturelix Formula

Crude Protein Percentage

22 %

Crude Fat Percentage

5 %

Crude Fiber Percentage

2 %

Please allow 3 weeks for your tubs to be cooked and shipped. We custom-cook your formula to your specifications after you place your order, and the product needs time to sit and harden.

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