Get the BLUE Tub!

Get the BLUE Tub!

#20 All Species

Safe for any class of animal:  cattle, horses, sheep, goats, bison, and deer.


All-natural protein, no copper added.


Perfect for mixed livestock grazing in common pastures.



This all-natural supplement is for self-feeding situations where any class of cattle, sheep, goats, and horses are grazing in common pastures.

20% All-Natural Protein!

  • Characteristics: All-natural protein.
    • NO COPPER ADDED!  Safe for sheep, horses, and goats.
  • Use: Self-feeding for any class of cattle, sheep, goats and horses grazing in common pastures.
  • Feeding Recommendations:
    • Cattle and horses:
      •  1/2 to 1-1/2 lb. per 1,000 lb. body weight per day.
      • Put out one 250-lb tub for every 20-30 head
    • Sheep and goats:
      • 1-5 oz. per animal per day.
      • Put out one tub for every 40 head of sheep or goats

Please do not let small animals jump on or lay on product.

Does not contain any prohibited material.

Does not contain added copper.  Safe for sheep!


Additional information

Formulas Available

Regular Blend

Tub Size

250 lb., 200 lb., 125 lb., 50 lb., 15 lb. Pail

Tub Material

Plastic, Biodegradable Fiber

Crude Protein Percentage

20 %

Crude Fat Percentage

4 %

Crude Fiber Percentage

5 %

Please allow 3 weeks for your tubs to be cooked and shipped. We custom-cook your formula to your specifications after you place your order, and the product needs time to sit and harden.