Get the BLUE Tub!

Get the BLUE Tub!

#19 Calf Weaning with MOS

This supplement contains MOS, and is fortified with SQM® organic trace minerals, Vitalix Proprietary Enzyme Package, and organic Selenium for calves during and after weaning.

Has been shown to stimulate additional immunity over and above vaccination alone!


Available Formulas:

  • #19 Calf Weaning with MOS
  • #19 Calf Weaning with MOS and Availa 4


#19 Calf Weaning with MOS and organic Selenium

  • Characteristics:
    • Calf weaning tub with MOS and Selenium Yeast as well as Vitalix Proprietary Enzyme Package.
    • IntegraMOS® prebiotic ingredient that supports the growth of beneficial bacteria and gut health.
    • SQM™ organic trace minerals, using PolyTransport™ Technology so the trace minerals get used, not wasted.
    • SelenoSource™, organic Selenium, for improved immune response.
  • Use: Use pre-weaning and post-weaning to stimulate additional immunity over and above vaccination alone.
  • Feeding Recommendations:
    • 3/4 lb to 1-1/4 lb. per 400 to 600-lb. calf per day.
    • Guide: One 250-lb tub for every 10-15 head of calves.

Warning: Contains copper. Do not feed to sheep due to possible copper toxicity.

Does not contain any animal protein.

Photo credit: Julie Sausman Photography


Additional information

Formulas Available

With Availa 4, Regular Blend

Tub Size

250 lb., 200 lb.

Tub Material

Plastic, Biodegradable Fiber

Crude Protein Percentage

20 %

Crude Fat Percentage

6 %

Crude Fiber Percentage

4 %

Please allow 3 weeks for your tubs to be cooked and shipped. We custom-cook your formula to your specifications after you place your order, and the product needs time to sit and harden.