Get the BLUE Tub!

Get the BLUE Tub!


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  • Controlled Consumption Guaranteed!

    High in the calcium and magnesium that cattle can’t get from growing green plants.

    Use on wheat pasture or lush green grass to prevent magnesium deficiency and/or grass tetany


    Available formulas:

    • Pasturelix Regular Formula
    • Pasturelix Formula, No SE


    *Special Order – 3-ton minimum order

  • Our most popular mineral tub!

    A complete mineral and vitamin package designed for commercial cows, bulls or heifers, and horses on pasture.

    Accurately supplies essential macro and micro minerals plus vitamins.


    Available formulas:

    • #7 Commercial Cow Mineral
    • #7 Commercial Cow Mineral with added IntegraMOS (#7 MOS)
    • #7 Commercial Cow Mineral with added IntegraMOS and extra Copper (#7 MOS CU)



  • Specifically designed for pre- and post-calving cows as a replacement for range cubes, cake, or liquid supplements.

    High levels of Vitamins A, D3, and E to boost the health of both the cow and calf.

    Contains 10 grams/lb of IntegraMOS.

Showing all 3 results