Get the BLUE Tub!

Get the BLUE Tub!


We’re adding FAQs all the time!

If you can’t find an answer here, contact your local Vitalix® dealer or District Sales Manager.

Or, send us your question via our Contact Form.

Where can I find a Vitalix® dealer close to me?

Check out our Find a Dealer page, where we list independent Vitalix dealers as well as big box stores that carry our product.

This page is currently being built, so if you don’t see your area listed yet, you can contact your District Sales Manager.  They are knowledgeable about the dealers in your area and can help you out!

Do you keep a large inventory of products?

No, we don’t cook your order until after it’s been placed, to ensure that the product you receive is the freshest possible.  Because of this, it will take a few days for the tubs to set up before shipping.

I'm picking up a load - do you have driving directions to the Sidney plant?

If you are a truck driver picking up a load from the Sidney manufacturing plant, you can view or download driving directions HERE.

I'd like to become a Vitalix® dealer. What does this entail?

Please contact the District Sales Manager for your area.  They are knowledgeable about the current dealers within your area and know whether they have an opening or not.  We’d love to have you carry our product!

What is ClariFly®, and how does it control flies?

ClariFly® by Central Life Sciences is a larvacide that prevents the emergence of house flies, face flies, stable, flies, and horn flies from the manure of treated cattle.  You can read more about ClariFly HERE.

Please contact your District Sales Manager for more information about fly control for your area!

I feed #12 Equine DEveloper to my horses, but they share the pasture with bulls part of the year. Is the horse tub safe for bulls?

Yes, although it’s not labeled for use with cattle, no harm will be done by feeding our #12 Equine DEveloper to bulls or beef cattle.

Please contact your District Sales Manager for more information about fly control for your area!