Vitalix® Growth!

Sidney Manufacturing Plant

We at Vitalix® are excited to share some good news regarding operations at our Sidney, NE, and Quincy, WA, plants! With the increased demand we continue to see for our tubs, we’ve identified the need for increased production capabilities. In 2018 we moved our main operations to Sidney, NE and purchased a 90,000 sq. ft. warehouse/plant where we have been operating since. The new plant was more than double in size of what we were in before and has led to increased productivity and increased storage space.

With that increased productivity, it has led us to purchase an additional warehouse in Sidney, NE, to be able to keep up with the demand. This new warehouse has added an additional 50,000 sq. ft. of space which gives us a total of 140,000 sq. ft. between our manufacturing plant and warehouses.

In addition, new loading docks have been built at our Sidney, NE warehouse to help speed up the loading process for the drivers. Recently, we started construction on our new ingredient handling system to speed up our cooking process and our ability to increase the rate of production for our tubs. Construction is underway as well on installing two additional 2-million gallon tanks for molasses storage. By having these tanks, we will be able to keep more supply on hand to continue meeting the demand of our customers.

In Quincy, WA we are adding new equipment to our plant that will allow us to double our rate of production. In doubling the rate of production, we will be able to produce tubs quicker and reduce lead times for our customers. We are also starting construction on a new warehouse to help with the added demand and increased productivity. The new warehouse will be located next to the plant, and will increase our storage capacity so we are able to have more inventory on hand, ready to ship out when needed.


Our priority at Vitalix is to always put the customer first, and with all our new additions, this was our sole focus. It is with great excitement that we share this information on the current growth and expansion of Vitalix. We look forward to serving the needs of our customers for many many years to come!


ClariFly® Fly Control

Vitalix® is proud to offer tubs containing

ClariFly® Larvicide Feed-Through Fly Control

If you have a problem with house flies, stable flies, face flies, or horn flies, adding ClariFly to our tasty livestock feed will help.  ClariFly is a larvicide that, when eaten by mammals, passes through the animal’s digestive system and prevents the larvae from developing in and emerging from the manure, where flies lay their eggs.

Livestock are not affected, as ClariFly disrupts the production of chitin, specific to insects, which is a key component of an insect’s exoskeleton that is NOT found in mammals.  Without a properly-formed exoskeleton, the immature fly cannot survive to adulthood.  ClariFly works by interrupting the flies’ life cycle, preventing them from maturing.

Our tasty mix of molasses assures that your livestock get a consistent dose of fly prevention with every lick, along with healthy vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes.

Start your fly control program early in the season, before the first flies emerge, to be the most effective at controlling flies all season long.

Click HERE to see a list of Vitalix tubs that contain ClariFly.

Click the logo to visit Central Life Sciences’ website to learn more about ClariFly!

Vitalix® tubs give you changes you can see!

Better Tools for More Profitable Beef!

The changes you should see in your livestock when they are on the Vitalix program:

  • In 10 days. . . They will have a better fill. There will be less fiber in their manure. Lactating cows will produce more milk.
  • In 30 days. . .  Livestock will have better hair coats. Livestock will have brighter eyes. Noticeable cost savings versus other supplements.
  • In 60 days. . .  Less time between heat cycles. Heat cycles will be stronger. Better conception rates. A more content herd.

Ask your local Vitalix dealer or your District Sales Manager for details!

Have You Tried Garlic for Fly Control?

Some of our customers swear that garlic keeps the flies away from their cattle, as well as aiding in digestion. The proof used to be mostly anecdotal – after all, just taking a whiff of garlic can make some people run for the hills, so one would think flies might be affected in the same way.

Thank goodness for ranchers who are willing to try anything to make their cattle more comfortable – we now have hard evidence that adding garlic to cattle feed does, in fact, reduce the number of flies bothering cows!

According to an article in Canadian Cattlemen, “Cows that received trace mineral (TM) salt fortified with garlic powder had 52 per cent and 56 per cent fewer flies on average than the two control groups that received TM salt alone…”

A summer-long demonstration project was conducted at Beacon Hill Community Pasture in the boreal forest fringe of northwestern Saskatchewan, where researchers counted the number of flies on cattle in three groups: a group which received garlic, and two control groups which did not. The researchers also took videos of the cattle as well, to track fly-avoidance behaviors.

According to the results, “the difference became quite striking 41 days into the trial with the garlic group averaging approximately 100 fewer flies per cow than [the first control group].”

“The season-long average for the cows sampled in the garlic group was 75 flies per cow. The cows sampled in the two control groups that received TM salt alone had average fly counts of 156 and 171. The garlic group consistently had the lowest fly count and exhibited the fewest fly-avoidance behaviors throughout the trial period.

Want to give it a try and see for yourself? You can have this all-natural, beneficial plant added to any of your Vitalix® tubs!

The article noted that while “the cattle didn’t seem to mind the taste of garlic, neither did they go for it in a big way”. Adding garlic to our molasses-based tubs ensures that cattle WILL go for the delicious, sweet taste, all the while receiving the benefits of the added garlic.

Ask your local Vitalix dealer or your District Sales Manager for details!

Source: Canadian Cattlemen, by Debbie Furber, Published June 30, 2017

Link here:

Flies Bugging You?

Control them with Vitalix® IGR and Clarifly tubs!


Fly season is here! If flies are bugging your herd, we have you covered with our Vitalix® IGR and Clarifly tubs!

For the best results, you should begin feeding Vitalix® IGR and Clarifly tubs 30 days before flies first appear, and continue until 30 days after the first frost of the season.

Horn flies have a huge impact on calf weights as well how much cattle are gaining per day. Cattle fed Altosid IGR gained 15.8% or .33 lb. per day more weight than cattle with no fly control. Overall the cattle fed Altosid IGR gained 27.97 more lbs. over the group with no fly control. In addition, weaning weights increased by 20.2 lbs. for cattle being fed Altosid IGR.

How does this work? Adult horn flies live 2 to 4 weeks, taking 30 to 40 blood meals per day. Female flies then leave the animal for a few seconds to lay eggs in fresh manure. In 1 to 2 days eggs hatch into larvae, and after 3 to 5 days they develop into pupae. This is where the Altosid IGR breaks the life cycle. Altosid IGR is ingested with cattle’s mineral or feed. As they graze, cattle disperse IGR through their manure which prevents the pupae from molting into adults.

Available in the following tubs:

Know the Vitalix Difference! Get The Blue Tub!

*Source: Central Life Science and Oklahoma State University


Announcing: Elite Sheep

“The Best Sheep Tub Ever”

Announcing our Elite Sheep tub!

Vitalix has been making lick tubs for 30 years! Throughout our time the biggest focus has been our customers and their product needs. Our very own Sean Clymer and Dr. Joe Dona have teamed up to create our newest tub called “Elite Sheep”. Through research and execution this tub has been specifically designed to fit those sheep’s needs through the course of their life.

“The CoMax and MOS in the tub have made it possible for use to keep the recip ewes in our ET program and have a better body condition, both non-pregnant and pregnant, and on less feed! The Vitalix supplement is a very important part of our overall flock management program.”

Dr. Joe Dona

When looking at the need for a new sheep tub there were 5 ingredients we focused on. These ingredients will help that animal from conception to the end of their life cycle. Every ingredient in here has a specific reason and specific use for the health and happiness of that animal. Every ingredient in this tub was chosen because of its specific compound, specific reason, and specific use for the health and happiness of each animal.

  1. We have increased the fat level from 4% to 6%. By increasing the fat, we are increasing that sheep’s body fat to allow for healthier lambs at weaning. In addition, this will help those sheep that are raising twins to keep their body condition up. The lambs will begin eating the tubs daily starting at 10 days of age. With this increased fat level, it will increase the bloom on these lambs at weaning.
  2. Increased the Zinc from 1000ppm total to 2000ppm total zinc. 1000ppm is chelated and 1000ppm is zinc sulfate. Recent studies have shown zinc is lacking in sheep, especially in the intermountain regions. Zinc affects the immune status, reproduction, and overall growth of that sheep. Zinc sulfate is a very important ingredient for the growth and quality of the wool, especially in the white face wool breeds.
  3. Increased Manganese from 1000ppm to 1500ppm total with 50% being chelated. The role Manganese plays is extremely critical to reproductive fertility and that lamb surviving.
  4. Increased Selenium to 6.0ppm, with all of it being organic Selenium yeast seluplex and increased Vitamin E from 60 IU/lb to 400 IU/lb. Recent studies have shown that range sheep typically are deficient in Selenium, while sheep on high grain diets are typically deficient in Vitamin E. Deficient levels of Vitamin E & Selenium can cause ill thrift at weaning, reduced immune response, reduced ewe fertility and reduced wool production.
  5. Boasting increased levels of Vitamin A to 85,000 IU/lb while increasing Vitamin D to 17,000 IU/lb. These are essential for maintaining the overall health of that animal, immune function, and gastric mucosal barrier integrity.

With the newly added Microbial Activator, MOS, Comax and ZinPro chelated minerals we have received excellent response rates for those sheep that have used this product.

*Below data is from Dr. Joe Dona.

  • 1st cycle conception rates the last 2 years have been 95%+. The fertility in our lambs has definitely improved and the only change made in the management of these ewe lambs has been the improved Vitalix tub. A much higher percentage of these ewe lambs are reaching puberty earlier and cycling. We are exposing them to a Ram for 18 days and 50% are conceiving. Where as before, only 10 to 15% of these ewe lambs would conceive in a 36-day breeding season. Also, the ewes we breed in the normal breeding season are having a higher number of twins.
  • While on the Elite Sheep tub, the ewes are receiving 1 lb. less corn per head per day and less hay. The ewes are milking better and have more bloom at lambing. The lambs have better vigor at birth and are up nursing colostrum in minutes after being born. The overall incidence of sickness in the lambs has been reduced as we are treating fewer lambs for scours, respiratory disease and white muscle. The weaning weights and bloom on our lambs have increased greatly.

By choosing the Elite Sheep tub, you’re going to increase the health and value of your herd for years to come.

Ask your local Vitalix dealer or your District Sales Manager for details!

#8 Fescuelix Impact

Vitalix continues to focus on our customers’ needs and producing products that are going to improve the health and value of your herd. We are excited to launch our new Fescuelix Impact tub! This tub has been specifically formulated to help control the impact of issues that arise when cattle graze on fescue that is infected with the fungus endophyte.

Endophyte can create numerous problems for the animals that are grazing. The biggest issue of endophyte is it can cause the blood vessels to constrict. When the blood vessels become constricted it impacts that animals’ ability to be able to regulate their body temperature which results in heat stress for that animal. With those blood vessels constricting it can cut off blood flow to the extremities which results in frozen ear and fescue foot.  

Here at Vitalix we are always evaluating the needs of the producer. With Vitalix NEW Fescuelix Impact tub you not only get the quality ingredients we are known for but we also added Zinpro Availa Zinc and all-natural vasodilators. By adding the Zinc and vasodilators this will help keep those blood vessels from constricting and help manage heat stress. 

Impact your Fescue with Vitalix #8 Fescuelix Impact tub!

Ask your local Vitalix dealer or your District Sales Manager for details!

Ease the Stress of Weaning Season

Weaning season can be tough on calves – but our tubs are here to help!

Our naturally-sweet product attracts the calves, and they learn quickly where to get a treat!  The added vitamins and chelated minerals will help to reduce the length of stress and improve the health of your animal.  You’ll see weight gains in no time!

Vitalix weaning formulas:

Ask your local Vitalix dealer or your District Sales Manager for details!


Controlled Consumption Guarantee

Our exclusive Controlled Consumption Guarantee is made possible by cooking molasses (from locally-sourced sugar beets) to precise control standards and then blending the proper formula of the Vitalix® Proprietary Enzyme Package, natural proteins, vegetable fat, minerals, and vitamins.

Our continuous-flow cooking process produces a very consistent supplement, from top to bottom, which is the basis of our consumption control. Your herd will consume the same amount of nutrients consistently, day in and day out, with every lick!

* Vitalix® guarantees Controlled Consumption for these products:

* This Guarantee will cover cattle being kept in open areas (pastures, meadow or fields) under our feeding recommendations. We will not guarantee consumption if tubs are placed with cattle in small pens or if fewer cattle are fed per tub than the minimum listed on the tag. This guarantee applies only to the products listed above.

This is what one day’s worth of licking looks like!

Ask your local Vitalix dealer or your District Sales Manager for details!