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Vitalix® Growth!

Sidney Manufacturing Plant Sidney Plant Expansion We at Vitalix® are excited to share some good news regarding operations at our Sidney, NE, and Quincy, WA, plants! With the increased demand we continue to see for our tubs, we've identified the need for increased production capabilities. In 2018 we moved our main operations to Sidney, NE [...]

ClariFly® Fly Control

Vitalix® is proud to offer tubs containing ClariFly® Larvicide Feed-Through Fly Control If you have a problem with house flies, stable flies, face flies, or horn flies, adding ClariFly to our tasty livestock feed will help.  ClariFly is a larvicide that, when eaten by mammals, passes through the animal's digestive system and prevents the larvae [...]

Vitalix® tubs give you changes you can see!

Better Tools for More Profitable Beef! The changes you should see in your livestock when they are on the Vitalix program: In 10 days. . . They will have a better fill. There will be less fiber in their manure. Lactating cows will produce more milk. In 30 days. . .  Livestock will have better [...]

Have You Tried Garlic for Fly Control?

Some of our customers swear that garlic keeps the flies away from their cattle, as well as aiding in digestion. The proof used to be mostly anecdotal – after all, just taking a whiff of garlic can make some people run for the hills, so one would think flies might be affected in the same […]

Flies Bugging You?

Control them with Vitalix® IGR and Clarifly tubs!   Fly season is here! If flies are bugging your herd, we have you covered with our Vitalix® IGR and Clarifly tubs! For the best results, you should begin feeding Vitalix® IGR and Clarifly tubs 30 days before flies first appear, and continue until 30 days after [...]

Announcing: Elite Sheep

“The Best Sheep Tub Ever” Vitalix has been making lick tubs for 30 years! Throughout our time the biggest focus has been our customers and their product needs. Our very own Sean Clymer and Dr. Joe Dona have teamed up to create our newest tub called “Elite Sheep”. Through research and execution this tub has […]

#8 Fescuelix Impact

Vitalix continues to focus on our customers’ needs and producing products that are going to improve the health and value of your herd. We are excited to launch our new Fescuelix Impact tub! This tub has been specifically formulated to help control the impact of issues that arise when cattle graze on fescue that is […]

Ease the Stress of Weaning Season

Weaning season can be tough on calves - but our tubs are here to help! Our naturally-sweet product attracts the calves, and they learn quickly where to get a treat!  The added vitamins and chelated minerals will help to reduce the length of stress and improve the health of your animal.  You'll see weight gains [...]

Controlled Consumption Guarantee

Our exclusive Controlled Consumption Guarantee is made possible by cooking molasses (from locally-sourced sugar beets) to precise control standards and then blending the proper formula of the Vitalix® Proprietary Enzyme Package, natural proteins, vegetable fat, minerals, and vitamins. Our continuous-flow cooking process produces a very consistent supplement, from top to bottom, which is the basis […]

Nonprotein Nitrogen (NPN) or Urea

These Vitalix® tubs contain Urea (NPN): #30-13 – 30% High-Protein Supplement for Cattle #9 Hi-Pro 40 #8 Fescuelix Impact Do NOT feed supplements containing Urea to horses. Source: New Mexico State University https://aces.nmsu.edu/pubs/_circulars/CR583/welcome.html

3-Ton Minimum – Special Orders

You asked, and we listened! Vitalix® has lifted the 3-ton minimum order requirement for most of our tubs. The only products which currently require a minimum order of 3 tons are: #2 Pasturelix #18 DDG Balancer #31 Backdrop Ask your local Vitalix dealer or your District Sales Manager for details!

Microbial Activator

It’s In Every Tub! Here at Vitalix® we are always striving to provide a tub that is far and away above the competition. Through our hard work and dedication to our customers and their livestock, we are proud to announce a NEW revolutionary technology in the supplemental feed business that continues to place our tubs […]

Biodegradable Tubs

Many of our Vitalix® products are available in biodegradable tubs. Just put them out in the pasture, and they will degrade over time – no going back to pick up the empties! Biodegradable tubs are available in 125 lb., 200 lb., and 250 lb. sizes. Please check with your District Sales Manager as to whether […]

Cody Webster

Professional Bullfighter Vitalix is proud to sponsor Cody Webster, a professional bullfighter who stands out from the crowd. Visit his website: https://www.codywebsterbullfighting.com/ On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialcodywebster/

Dean Gorsuch

Vitalix is proud to have been a sponsor of Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame Steer Wrestler Dean Gorsuch during his successful career! Gorsuch hit the ground running by obtaining his PRCA card in 2002 and qualifying for his first Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in 2005.  A year later, he took home is first world champion [...]

Cody DeMoss

Vitalix is proud to sponsor professional saddle bronc rider Cody DeMoss.