ClariFly® Fly Control

Vitalix® is proud to offer tubs containing

ClariFly® Larvicide Feed-Through Fly Control

If you have a problem with house flies, stable flies, face flies, or horn flies, adding ClariFly to our tasty livestock feed will help.  ClariFly is a larvicide that, when eaten by mammals, passes through the animal’s digestive system and prevents the larvae from developing in and emerging from the manure, where flies lay their eggs.

Livestock are not affected, as ClariFly disrupts the production of chitin, specific to insects, which is a key component of an insect’s exoskeleton that is NOT found in mammals.  Without a properly-formed exoskeleton, the immature fly cannot survive to adulthood.  ClariFly works by interrupting the flies’ life cycle, preventing them from maturing.

Our tasty mix of molasses assures that your livestock get a consistent dose of fly prevention with every lick, along with healthy vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes.

Start your fly control program early in the season, before the first flies emerge, to be the most effective at controlling flies all season long.

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