Have You Tried Garlic for Fly Control?

Some of our customers swear that garlic keeps the flies away from their cattle, as well as aiding in digestion. The proof used to be mostly anecdotal – after all, just taking a whiff of garlic can make some people run for the hills, so one would think flies might be affected in the same way.

Thank goodness for ranchers who are willing to try anything to make their cattle more comfortable – we now have hard evidence that adding garlic to cattle feed does, in fact, reduce the number of flies bothering cows!

According to an article in Canadian Cattlemen, “Cows that received trace mineral (TM) salt fortified with garlic powder had 52 per cent and 56 per cent fewer flies on average than the two control groups that received TM salt alone…”

A summer-long demonstration project was conducted at Beacon Hill Community Pasture in the boreal forest fringe of northwestern Saskatchewan, where researchers counted the number of flies on cattle in three groups: a group which received garlic, and two control groups which did not. The researchers also took videos of the cattle as well, to track fly-avoidance behaviors.

According to the results, “the difference became quite striking 41 days into the trial with the garlic group averaging approximately 100 fewer flies per cow than [the first control group].”

“The season-long average for the cows sampled in the garlic group was 75 flies per cow. The cows sampled in the two control groups that received TM salt alone had average fly counts of 156 and 171. The garlic group consistently had the lowest fly count and exhibited the fewest fly-avoidance behaviors throughout the trial period.

Want to give it a try and see for yourself? You can have this all-natural, beneficial plant added to any of your Vitalix® tubs!

The article noted that while “the cattle didn’t seem to mind the taste of garlic, neither did they go for it in a big way”. Adding garlic to our molasses-based tubs ensures that cattle WILL go for the delicious, sweet taste, all the while receiving the benefits of the added garlic.

Ask your local Vitalix dealer or your District Sales Manager for details!

Source: Canadian Cattlemen, by Debbie Furber, Published June 30, 2017

Link here: https://www.canadiancattlemen.ca/2017/06/30/garlic-is-worth-its-salt-for-fly-control/