Flies Bugging You?

Control them with Vitalix® IGR and Clarifly tubs!


Fly season is here! If flies are bugging your herd, we have you covered with our Vitalix® IGR and Clarifly tubs!

For the best results, you should begin feeding Vitalix® IGR and Clarifly tubs 30 days before flies first appear, and continue until 30 days after the first frost of the season.

Horn flies have a huge impact on calf weights as well how much cattle are gaining per day. Cattle fed Altosid IGR gained 15.8% or .33 lb. per day more weight than cattle with no fly control. Overall the cattle fed Altosid IGR gained 27.97 more lbs. over the group with no fly control. In addition, weaning weights increased by 20.2 lbs. for cattle being fed Altosid IGR.

How does this work? Adult horn flies live 2 to 4 weeks, taking 30 to 40 blood meals per day. Female flies then leave the animal for a few seconds to lay eggs in fresh manure. In 1 to 2 days eggs hatch into larvae, and after 3 to 5 days they develop into pupae. This is where the Altosid IGR breaks the life cycle. Altosid IGR is ingested with cattle’s mineral or feed. As they graze, cattle disperse IGR through their manure which prevents the pupae from molting into adults.

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*Source: Central Life Science and Oklahoma State University