Controlled Consumption Guarantee

Our exclusive Controlled Consumption Guarantee is made possible by cooking molasses (from locally-sourced sugar beets) to precise control standards and then blending the proper formula of the Vitalix® Proprietary Enzyme Package, natural proteins, vegetable fat, minerals, and vitamins.

Our continuous-flow cooking process produces a very consistent supplement, from top to bottom, which is the basis of our consumption control. Your herd will consume the same amount of nutrients consistently, day in and day out, with every lick!

* Vitalix® guarantees Controlled Consumption for these products:

* This Guarantee will cover cattle being kept in open areas (pastures, meadow or fields) under our feeding recommendations. We will not guarantee consumption if tubs are placed with cattle in small pens or if fewer cattle are fed per tub than the minimum listed on the tag. This guarantee applies only to the products listed above.

This is what one day’s worth of licking looks like!

Ask your local Vitalix dealer or your District Sales Manager for details!