Microbial Activator

It’s In Every Tub!

Here at Vitalix® we are always striving to provide a tub that is far and away above the competition. Through our hard work and dedication to our customers and their livestock, we are proud to announce a NEW revolutionary technology in the supplemental feed business that continues to place our tubs in a league of their own.

This NEW secret ingredient is called Microbial Activator, and will be added to all tubs that Vitalix® produces going forward.

Microbial Activator provides extreme value in the long term, but also has an instant impact on the health and happiness of your herd. Immediately you will see an increase in your value of stored forages as this technology finds value where it didn’t exist before. You will gain long-term value through improved rumen health as this ingredient feeds the rumen microbes which quickly multiply and break down the fiber much more effectively and efficiently, unlike your typical tubs. Increased fiber digestion leads to lower feeding rates and costs, which in turn gives the animal more energy and decreases the animal’s roughage intake.

  • Increases microbial diversity in the rumen.
  • Increased microbial activity promotes the breakdown of fiber through the production of enzymes in the rumen, resulting in improved fiber digestibility.
  • By simply extracting more energy, protein, and nutrients out of the animal’s stored forage, you stretch your forages further than ever before, resulting in saving you money!
  • Improvements in digestibility, nutrient availability, and volatile fatty acid production create energy which results in greater weight gain, and improved body condition.

In the long run, investing in Vitalix® will result in a healthier animal.

Microbial Activator – now in every tub!